The only Profitable Podcast Tour course taught by a top 1% podcaster that teaches entrepreneurs how to explode your sales and become the go-to authority in your niche as an expert guest on top ranked podcasts.

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  • The attention span of an Instagram user is only 2.7 seconds, but 80% of listeners will finish an ENTIRE podcast episode once they press play (hello captive audience!)
  • There are more podcast listeners than there are Netflix accounts (hello enormous and rapidly growing market!
  • 53% of listeners find new episodes through search (goodbye algorithm Hunger Games!)
  • The life span of an Instagram post is 48 hours, a Facebook post is 6 hours, a LinkedIn post is 24 hours, but a podcast lives and grows forever (hello invincible content!)

  • 55% of podcast listeners earn an annual income of $77k+ (hello purchasing power!)

  • 60% of listeners have purchased something from a podcast ad (hello action takers!)



Why Join Hell Yes Guest?

Most people who want to guest on podcasts struggle with two things: getting booked on high quality shows consistently, and generating ROI from their interviews.

Meanwhile, podcast hosts are tired of guests who don't deliver sufficient value or show up as true collaborative partners. They're sick of getting burned by (even the most well-intentioned) guests!

Work with us and you'll unlock unlimited interviews, visibility, and ROI as a podcast guest and have your hosts saying "when can you come back?"

Spend $1,000/month to pay a podcast booking agent who has NO idea what podcasts are actually looking for, only to land 5% of the shows they pitch, while never receiving ANY training on how to monetize your episodes or perfect your interview skills


Learn how to book 1-3 interviews for yourself every single week from the host of a top 1% podcast so you can unlock unlimited visibility and generate consistent and reliable ROI for years to come with a totally bespoke strategy built JUST for you, while learning how to deliver killer interviews that get you invited back over and over?

Let me guess...
  • You need to be reaching new audiences of dreamy clients, but trying to “figure out” the algorithm is like trying to hit a moving target, and you’re sick of playing games with the social media overlords.

  •  You spend hours creating a piece of content to magnetize the people who need your work the most, only to have Instagram gobble it up before anyone but your mom and Aunt Cheryl can see it.

  •  You’re pointing and dancing in reels to get noticed, but you can’t squeeze your magic and expertise into a measly few seconds where you don’t even get to TALK.

  •  You’re tired of fighting over bread crumbs online, and you want to step into true authority and leadership as THE go-to expert in your niche in a more meaningful way that makes people say “Oh sh*t, I need to learn from THEM!”

  • Instead of delivering your most POTENT value, you’re stepping out of alignment and shrinking yourself to try and predict what the algorithms want from you.

  •  You’re pouring thousands a year into paid ads, just to funnel a few people into your masterclasses, webinars, and challenges, but you sense your ideal clients are as tired of SEEING your ads as you are of paying for them!

  • When you get 💩 engagement on a piece of content, you can’t help but stress about the success of your next launch.

  •  You find yourself wondering: “How am I going to build a lasting legacy if I can’t reach new people on the reg who actually want to hear what I have to offer?”

  • You just know that if the right people could HEAR your message, you’d be able to make a bigger impact, create more abundance for business, and tap into your unlimited leadership potential.

What would your brand and biz look like 5 years from now if you reached 5k-50k new potential clients every single month by getting interviewed on your dream podcasts?


A rock solid positioning and messaging strategy that makes you stand out as THE go-to leader in your niche who can’t be ignored

A top 1% podcast host’s step-by-step guide to getting BOOKED on aligned and profitable shows every single month

A massive database of aligned podcasts for you to pitch so you don’t have to hire an agent, manage another team member, or spend hours on confusing research

The most profitable and efficient strategies to monetize podcast guesting so every interview moves the needle forward for your brand and your bottom line

8 weeks of world-class strategy support and accountability coaching to help you implement and integrate your training

The only profitable podcast guesting course that gets you booked, sold out, and invited back. With lifetime access to your self-paced training program, plus 8 weeks of live strategy support, skill development, and accountability coaching, your podcast tour is destined for success!


Here is theProofthat Hell Yes Guest works!

Here is the
Proofthat Hell Yes Guest works!

“I received 12 inquiries during my two-week break without even lifting a finger on social media or work! I was fortunate to secure two powerful podcast guest opportunities, which brought in all of these inquiries. In previous years, I would have spent hours scheduling a dozen random social media posts that would bring me a total of 0 inquiries, but thanks to Kelly's strategy I fully enjoyed my time with my family, knowing that when I was back to my office I would have 12 incredible women to talk to and discuss ways I can help them bring insane value to the world.”

Aline H.


“Before the program, I had pitched a bunch of podcasts and actually had landed a bunch of them. I used to be a publicist! But the difference was, I felt like I was flailing at the end of a podcast interview. I didn’t have a clear directive for people: where to go, what to do. I have a much clearer purpose now when I’m being interviewed, and it feels stronger overall. What my program is can sometimes be hard to explain on paper, and Kelly really helped me dial into what my signature content is, how to describe it, how to get people excited about it, and how to have a lot more clarity so people would understand it when I’m talking about it.”

Megan E.



Establish yourself as the mic-ready GO-TO leader in your niche

You will:

  1. Address the limiting beliefs and stories stopping you from getting seriously seen as the authority in your niche
  2. Discover your signature thought leadership blueprint that puts you in a category of ONE and makes pitching yourself with confidence a breeze
  3. Learn how to cultivate a Hell Yes Mindset and master my signature Self Coaching Framework to make yourself unstoppable throughout this program, even when you feel challenged

At the end of part 1, you’ll know EXACTLY what you bring to the table as a guest expert and how to leverage your magic with confidence to magnetize next-level visibility for your brand and business.

What’s included in Part 1:


Complete powerful journal prompts that will help you narrow in on your unique leadership formula so you understand exactly what you bring to the table and how to pitch yourself with power as a HELL YES GUEST!


Sit down with my signature Self Coaching Framework anytime you feel challenged throughout this process so you can move through any resistance with ease, empower yourself as your own best coach, and NEVER say “I’m stuck!” again.


Create Your Profitable Podcast Tour

You will:

  1. Build your Profitable Podcast Tour designed to leverage your interviews to drive your business goals forward and receive personalized 1:1 feedback from me so every piece of your strategy is optimized
  2. Craft Signature Content that establishes your authority as a sought-after podcast guest and create highly strategic calls to action that move listeners along the buying journey with your business
  3. Learn my strategy for choosing the right shows to maximize profitability and brand visibility

At the end of part 2you’ll have completed your Profitable Podcast Tour roadmap and I'll have given it my personalized feedback as a host. You’ll know how to leverage your podcast tour to support your high-priority business goals, exactly what content to pitch to achieve those goals, the smartest shows to pitch to, and the exact calls to action you’ll offer to transform those cold audiences into brand super-fans that can’t wait to buy from you!

What’s included in Part 2:


Organize your Profitable Podcast Tour in one place to keep you on track. You’ll break down your goals, pitches, target shows, and outreach plan so you stay accountable to yourself and your mission.


The biggest reason people give up on podcast guesting: it takes forever to find the right shows to pitch, and to find their contact information. We fixed that. Dive right into our database of 500 shows of all sizes in the niches of business, career, relationships, spirituality, personal development, and health & wellness to choose the most strategic shows to include on your Podcast Tour pitch list (including their contact information, yes really!)


Create Your Hell Yes Pitch!

You will:

  1. Discover how to magnetize podcast hosts by sending pitches that blow them away and do their job for them
  2. Learn how to optimize every section of your pitch line by line to increase your chances of getting a “Hell Yes” from the host 50% of the time or more
  3. Craft killer episode ideas that make the host reply: “when can I interview you?”

At the end of part 3you’ll have a Hell Yes pitch that’s powerful enough to get you booked on 50%+ of the podcasts on your Podcast Tour pitch list, and I'll be here to help you optimize every single WORD of your pitch to give you the fast track to production!

What’s included in Part 3:


Get access to 4 different easy-to-customize, proven pitch templates that you can make your own in less than 20 minutes!


No need to hire a graphic designer. Use our professionally designed plug-and-play media kit template to create a beautiful visual representation of your brand that wows your hosts.


Before you hit “send” on that pitch, you’ll feel confident knowing it checks ALL the boxes and is in the best possible shape to get a “hell yes!” from the host.


Get booked!

You will:

  1. Learn how to navigate the pitching process with professionalism, generosity, and efficiency in mind and know exactly how to troubleshoot for pitch optimization to work toward a 50%+ acceptance rate
  2. Build simple, organizational systems so you can execute your outreach in just one hour/week with zero stress or guesswork
  3. Kick off your efficient outreach by connecting with aligned hosts and getting booked!

At the end of part 4you’ll have full confidence in your ability to get booked on quality podcasts with the help of simple, streamlined systems that let you manage your outreach in just one hour a week.

What’s included in Part 4:


Keep track of your weekly outreach efforts and response statuses, manage your conversations and follow up, and organize your pitches and interview prep all in one place.


Build your brand & make money!

You will:

  1. Learn the most profitable strategies to drive revenue to your business and build a lasting reputation for your brand as a Hell Yes Guest
  2. Discover how to deliver an incredible guest episode in a way that serves the audience, the show, and your business goals all at once (pssst... that's the secret recipe for profitability!)
  3. Create an intentional ecosystem that lets your guest interviews feed your business and vice versa to generate recurring visibility and revenue!

At the end of part 5you’ll have everything you need to leverage Strategic Podcast Guesting with intention to build your brand awareness and drive revenue straight to your business.

What’s included in Part 5:


Don’t spend hours designing in Canva! We’re making it easy to promote your interviews on social media so you can do your part to spread the word as a Hell Yes Guest while boosting your credibility with your own audience in your branded style.


Woohoo, your episode is live and I’m so proud of you! Now it’s time to have an honest listen to your interview and give yourself tons of positive and (some) constructive feedback to help you keep improving your craft using this simple feedback form.


World Class 


In addition to your self paced step-by-step curriculum, your training includes 8 weeks of personalized strategy support, feedback, interview skill development, and accountability coaching directly from me to ensure your podcast guesting strategy is potent and profitable. Our next cohorts start on October 16 & January 15!

Never wait longer than 24 hours Monday-Friday to have a question answered so you can maintain your momentum! Ask unlimited questions in our private support group and receive a personalized reply from me promptly.

Show up for yourself and stay accountable to your goals by participating in challenges to keep you on pace throughout the program.

Practice your interview skills in a safe and supportive environment. You'll have access to live interview practice sessions that'll bring clarity and confidence to your podcast appearances.

Connect with the best of the best. Join us for live community connection calls to build your network of support and referrals, extend your options for collaboration, and make invaluable business connections!

Yan H.

"By far, the absolute best business investment I've made to date. Not only is Kelly superb at what she does, but the community she attracts is amazing! I've never felt so supported, connected and challenged to grow as a human being and entrepreneur. Kelly is truly an expert in the area of podcasting. Her program is packed with so much value, I feel like I've enrolled in a Harvard MBA course!"

Francesca B.

"Hell Yes Guest is a game changer. Kelly takes what can feel daunting and overwhelming and breaks it into bite sized chunks so I actually make progress. Her involvement in the group is RIDICULOUS. I feel as though she's working 1:1 with me. That's how much she cares. For all the revolutionaries out there: this is the move. Kelly is ACES. This content is insanely good... a fresh new perspective on pitching that I needed to hear after 12 years in stale corporate business development."

Mary S.

"This program has been wonderful. The ability to focus and get clear on how to show up as a podcast guest that benefits my business is hugely helpful and something I'll use for years to come. The amount of detail and reflection offered in the program is by far the best I have seen and it feels as if Kelly really does want you to win at life. It feels safe to be vulnerable as a smaller business right now, and the accountability support is a game changer."

W H A T ' S  I N C L U D E D



B O N U S E S 







  P L U S











  • PITCHES THAT MISSED THE MARK  (VIDEO TRAINING) Walk with me through 10 pitches that COULD have been world-class but missed the mark, and learn how to avoid the same mistakes.
  • TIME SAVING PODCAST DATABASE Save 100+ hours researching shows to guest on and scouring the internet for their contact information. We've put together an ever-growing master database with 800+ podcasts in the niches of business, spirituality, health & wellness, personal development, relationships, and family including their contact info to slash your research time by 90%
  • DIRECT CONNECTIONS We want you to make connections with the right hosts, so we're giving you two free months' membership to my favorite host/guest chat platform so you can directly reach hosts that are looking to fill interview spots 
  • LIVE INTERVIEW PRACTICE Practice your interview skills in a safe and supportive environment so you can get the jitters out before your first real interview
  • NETWORKING PARTIES Build lasting professional connections  expand your referral network, and become biz besties with your fellow Hell Yes Guests

From myRockstarStudents


  • You’re a heart-centered coach, healer, strategist, or author who’s serious about growing their brand, establishing their thought leadership, and making more money…

  •  You have a TON of expertise, powerful wisdom, and practical guidance you’d love to share with a specific audience, and you’re eager to hone your messaging and find your voice…

  •  You’re tired of feeling stifled online and competing to be seen when you KNOW you’d be able to magnetize more opportunities if you could show more of your personality and expertise by having actual conversations…

  • You have a huge vision for your business and brand and you know being more visible is the path to stepping into true thought leadership and creating the impact you desire…

  • You’ve tried podcast guesting before but felt overwhelmed by the process, unsure how to pitch yourself, where to find the right shows, or how to connect the dots to turn downloads into dollars for your business…

  •  You’re exhausted keeping up with the algorithms, funneling tons of money into paid ads, and you know you could EXPLODE your brand and business if given the chance to connect with 500, 5k, or even 50k new ideal clients regularly…

  •  You’re not seeing the financial return on all the other organic strategies you’re pouring your energy into, and you’re hungry for a strategy that’s reliable and predictable

  •  You’ve already got the offers, products, and services in place that light you up, now you just need more people to know about them!


Lovefrom our students

from our Students

Brittany W.

"This program is EXACTLY what I needed to kick off my podcast guesting strategy. There’s also a lot more in the program than I expected! The networking calls and the interview practices have been amazing, and I’ve already made some amazing professional connections through Hell Yes Guest! As always, Kelly has really over-delivered with this powerful program. Such a solid investment for anyone who wants to get into podcast guesting!"

Chrissy M.

"Hell Yes Guest is an absolute godsend! HOLY F*CKING SHIT. I have never been in a non-mastermind group container where I felt as personally seen and cared about like I do in HYG. The high level of feedback Kelly gives is worth far more than the entire program. The additional interview practice, accountability groups, the love in the group, the fun networking calls...I am in love with HYG and cannot exclaim Kelly's praises enough!"

Fabienne B.

"Kelly’s step by step program is a game changer. Honestly her strategy can be applied to devising a podcast tour and other marketing platforms as well. I made the absolute right decision joining this program. Kelly’s curriculum is so comprehensive that it’s a one stop shop. It gives you the insight you need, the support, and confidence to successfully break into the podcast interviewing space. It’s next level and you won’t regret the investment."

Apply now to snag early bird bonuses!

Your Early Bird Price

$997 USD

Or 4 monthly payments of $250

  • Lifetime access to 5 part self-paced training curriculum to master positioning, pitching, interview delivery, and monetization
  • 8 weeks of unlimited, hands-on strategy support and accountability coaching
  • EARLY APPLICATION BONUS: Two live interview practice sessions
  • EARLY APPLICATION BONUS: Two live networking parties 
  • EARLY APPLICATION BONUS: Last chance to lock in founders' pricing $1,297 $997
  • EARLY APPLICATION BONUS: Pitches That Missed The Mark Training
  • EARLY APPLICATION BONUS: 800+ podcast contact database 
  • EARLY APPLICATION BONUS: 2 months' membership to my favorite host/guest connection platform

Submitting an application is not binding. If you are accepted, you can choose to decline your spot.

Our next cohorts start October 16, 2023 and January 15, 2024!


Thiswill be YOU!

will be YOU!

Millions of your ideal clients will find their new favorite coach, healer, strategist, or author listening to podcasts next year. The question is… will they find YOU?