You're so much more than an "expert."


Experts lean on knowledge and credentials. Leaders lean on values and purpose.

Experts fight over breadcrumbs. Leaders bake their own bread.

Experts build a resume. Leaders build a legacy.


You've been inching along, going through the motions in your business, experiencing slow but consistent growth.


You know you're not meant to jog along with the rest of the pack, but you're also not interested in bowling others over. Competition is not the vibe.


The solution? 
Creating your own damn race.


Standing in your category of one, where it's impossible to be eclipsed OR to outshine anyone.


Where your only guiding lights are your intuition and your mission.


If you're ready for your breakout role to finally scale beyond 10k months, it's time to focus on your leadership positioning.


Playing the role of the expert has gotten you this far, but it won't get you to where you want to go next.


You're not just some expert that blends in with the crowd. You're here to disrupt the bullsh*t and usher in a new leadership paradigm in your niche.
And you can't do that if you're hiding behind your credentials, clinging to confusing, half-hearted messaging, and peddling products and services that feel safe but don't light you up.
We're done with cookie cutter strategies, downplaying our magic, and getting overlooked for opportunities that should be ours.
When you get serious about your leadership status, you unlock your next level of ease, abundance, and opportunity, because leaders are f*cking impossible to ignore.
Together, we'll dial in exactly what you're doing, what you're saying, and who you're being to access your next level of aligned success.
*For rebels and visionaries only.

Holly, Burnout Coach

"I felt unclear, chaotic, and frustrated with myself about where I was. Working with Kelly was the reset button I needed. I feel like I'm finally clear after years of confusion."

Caitie, Nutrition Coach

"I'm taking away a new strategy for my operations and marketing, but most importantly I'm walking away confident that my business is valuable and scalable. My 1:1 time with Kelly was invaluable." 

Rachel, Executive Coach

"Coming into the VIP Day I felt creatively constipated! I'm walking away feeling so positive and excited. [My strategy] is going to save me hours wondering how to get my message across."

 1:1 VIP Leadership Positioning Day

Clarify your leadership positioning strategy within your market so you become the ultimate disruptor your ideal clients, event organizers, collaborators, and podcast hosts can't ignore

Dial in your most potent leadership messaging that conveys your values, your value, and your leverage so you magnetize clients and opportunities that feel worthy of your magic (and pay you a premium!)

Audit and optimize your offers and pricing to reflect the potency with which you'd like to serve your dream clients

Craft irresistible messaging for each of your existing offers to bridge the connection between you (the brand) and you (the business)

Build out a content strategy centered around your leadership messaging that doesn't just entertain and educate but also provides heart-centered guidance and accountability for your dream clients

Map out every detail of your strategic Leadership Podcast Tour to drive brand awareness for your business and sales for your signature offering


Let's activate your Highest Self leadership.

Your VIP Day is 5 hour experience that's completely tailored to your goals. It also includes 4-8 hours of prep work that must be completed in advance. The investment for a 1:1 VIP Day is $5,000 USD with flexible payment plans available.

Hey! I’m Kelly.

I'm an Aligned Success Coach and Consultant who specializes in helping big-hearted entrepreneurs do the foundational inner work and paradigm-shifting strategy work required to build and scale businesses sustainably in radical alignment.

My specialty? Helping "experts" transform both internally and externally into paradigm-shifting leaders.