Every entrepreneur's must-have nervous system & soul care resource.


Every entrepreneur's must-have nervous system & soul care resource.



Every successful trailblazer knows the journey to incredible external results starts within. To create the level of impact you desire, you've GOT to fall in love with the inner work. Welcome to your one stop shop for all things nervous system, mindset, and soul care for entrepreneurs.

Oh yeah. It's FREE!

Hustle culture is out. Radical alignment, nervous system regulation, and intuitive integration is in.


Tiger's Eye is my love letter to entrepreneurs everywhere. As a thank you to my community for helping my podcast, The Aligned Success Show, premier at #9 on Apple's Careers chart in the U.S. and break the top 20 in 13 countries, I made this membership FREE, for everyone, forever!

Your free membership scores you:

100+ hours of self-paced content designed to help you stay calm, inspired, and connected with your inner being in our digital members' portal  

Workshops in modalities like astrology, Human Design, manifestation, crystal work, trauma healing, breathwork, and intuition to help you build a toolbox that lets you tap into resilience, creativity, and higher awareness

Practical self-paced mini courses to cultivate the spiritual skills you need to thrive as a CEO, like my Elevated Empath program

Spiritually infused meditations, hypnoses, and guided inner journeys to help you stay grounded and rooted to your inner wisdom and peace

Collective energy readings and astrology-based tarot readings to guide your energy each month

A new introspective journal prompt for every day of the month to facilitate self discovery


Here's what I know about you:

  • You're a badass entrepreneur driven by purpose and service, but you tend to fall into patterns of over-giving, consistently finding yourself at the bottom of your to-do list.
  • You’re eager to step into a new leadership paradigm that prioritizes well-being and leaves behind burnout and hustle culture.
  • You have big goals for your business, and know the secret to incredible external results starts within, but haven't been making the time to nourish your nervous system or inner spirit.
  • You crave a deeper connection to the Universe and your Highest Self to help you make decisions and cope with the stress and uncertainty of entrepreneurship.
  • You want to cultivate more confidence in your work, squash imposter syndrome, and overcome your fear of being seen and truly shining.

What members are saying:


You belong here.

Tiger's Eye is an inclusive community that respects and welcomes all races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, belief systems, religions, and abilities.

Hey! I’m Kelly,
I'm a startup strategist turned Aligned Success Coach and Consultant whose mission is to help soulpreneurs build businesses that change the world and feel incredible to lead by leveraging the power of spirituality, neuroscience, and strategy.



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