A step-by-step guide to getting invited onto your favorite podcasts... Plus the exact pitch template that booked me 10 interviews last week!


As a global top 2% podcast host, I receive pitches to be on The Aligned Success Show with Kelly Mosser every single day!

The hard truth: almost NONE of those pitches grabs my attention (not even the ones written by professional podcast agencies whose *literal* job it is to get their clients booked on shows!)

And it's not because that person isn't a world class expert, they very well might be!

It's because their pitch stinks. It's filled with fluff meanwhile missing all the important stuff.

I used to think pitching yourself as a podcast guest was a lost cause.

I assumed every pitch ended up in the trash because, well, I'm sure the ones I sent in my early days went STRAIGHT in the trash!

There's just so much I never even THOUGHT about when it comes to pitching, until I became a podcast host myself.

Now that I'm a host, I know exactly what it takes to get your pitch accepted.

In this FREE training bundle, I'm sharing:

  • The EXACT pitch template that booked me 10 guest interviews last week alone (and counting!)
  • My secret trick to finding the most aligned shows to pitch without spending hours scrolling through Spotify
  • Exactly what to include in your pitch to get invited onto the show
  • The one thing NOBODY includes that would instantly make your pitch stand out
  • What absolutely NOT to include (that sadly, most people do!)

I'm sure you already see the amaze-balls benefits of getting booked on more podcasts:

  • You get to share your brilliance with engaged audiences that have been vetted to love you - that you didn't have to build yourself!
  • You get to shine in your expertise in an extended format where you can create instant "know, like, trust" magic, because there's nothing more intimate than being in someone's ears while they're walking the dog or grocery shopping!
  • You instantly boost your credibility and open the floodgates for more interviews, speaking opportunities, premium clients, and more

And if you're going to get after this brilliant strategy, I don't want you to waste a second of your time writing crappy pitches like the ones I used to send! *Cringe*

This bundle teaches you how to think like a podcast host so you can book your next 3 interviews with ease.

Plus, I'll also send you the EXACT pitch I used to book 10 interviews this week alone (and counting!)

I can't WAIT to get a DM from you saying you've booked yourself on a kickass show after listening to this training.




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