Non-boring financial news for women entrepreneurs:



The economy is having a meltdown. Most business news is written by boring dudes for other boring dudes. You need to know what's going on because, hello, you ARE the economy.

Boring Sh*t is your FREE weekly breakdown of the most important financial news every entrepreneur needs to understand so your biz can keep kicking butt in any economy.

In 10 minutes a week, you’ll learn:

  • What the heck's happening in the economy in terms you can actually understand
  • What it means for your small biz no matter what niche you're in
  • What to do about it without adding endless to-do's to your list

Hey, I'm Kelly Mosser!

I'm a soulful biz strategist, coach, and host of The Aligned Success Show, a global top 2% podcast.

I've supported Fortune 500 companies, hungry high growth startups, scrappy solopreneurs, and everyone in between.

It's my mission to help heart centered entrepreneurs like you to scale your biz and step into Highest Self Leadership without sacrificing your health or happiness.

Boring Sh*t is my love letter to every woman entrepreneur who's ever felt left out of a conversation.

This is OUR conversation now. Let's go.

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