Why most podcast interviews generate zero ROI (and why yours WILL)

It's hard for me to say this, but most podcast interviews don't generate any ROI for the guest.

But that's only because MOST guests aren't following a solid strategy! (Trust me, I'm on a mission to change this).

With the right strategy and intention, every single podcast interview you do should be generating ROI for your business: more excited leads in your inbox, more sales calls booked, more email list opt-ins, more effective brand awareness, and more sales so you can *actually* help more people!

There are a few incredibly common mistakes I see even the smartest, most savvy entrepreneurs making that break my heart. I want you to be aware of them so YOU can make better choices, and see better outcomes from your podcast interviews!

Mistake #1: The Content Fun House

You know when you walk into a fun house and you're surrounded by mirrors that distort your body into all kinds of crazy shapes and sizes? It's totally disorienting! That's what most people are doing with their podcast interviews.

Instead of reaching out to shows with a REALLY clear, specific proposal for a conversation, they end up talking about a different topic on every podcast.

This is a DISASTER for your brand. Yes, you want to be everywhere. But you want to be everywhere talking about the ONE thing you're the expert in. I'm talking: one specific conversation.

Mistake #2: Audience Mismatch

You should only be guesting on shows whose audience is made up of your exact ideal client. Even if you could potentially add value to an audience of realtors, if realtors aren't really your ideal client, you'll want to skip that podcast!

Guesting on podcasts whose audience doesn't perfectly align with your ideal client avatar guarantees that the audience AND you both walk away disappointed. When you're researching shows, look for language that describes exactly who the audience is. Read audience reviews in Apple Podcasts to see how they describe their problems and challenges. Don't pitch if you wouldn't be able to take that audience all the way through your client journey!

Mistake #3: Incessant Storytelling

Don't get me wrong, storytelling is an important part of a great podcast interview. It makes an episode entertaining and engaging! But... you should be doing so much MORE than storytelling on a podcast.

The podcasts that will be the most profitable for you and the most impactful for your audiences are the ones that let you TEACH something. You don't just want to be perceived as a cool person during a podcast interview (which of course you are!), you also want to be perceived as an expert at what you do.

The best way to do this? Find shows that give you the opportunity to teach something valuable and practical, and weave stories in to support your teachings.

I'd love to hear which of these surprised you! If you're ready to learn how to nail podcast guesting so that every interview you do leaves you feeling confident that you've served the audience as much as possible, AND that your interview will create meaningful ROI for your business, I'd love to invite you to watch my free Masterclass, where I'll break down my full Profitable Podcast Tour method and help you get started!



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