Why 99% of pitches go straight to the trash folder (and why yours won't!)

As a podcast host, I get pitched nearly every single day by guests who want to come on my show.

And sadly, most of the time it's a "no thank you" from me.

If the thought of cold pitching creeps you out, it's because you've only seen it done WRONG!

In fact, when done right, there's no such thing as "cold" pitching at all. Only warm fuzzy pitching that feels amazing for the person sending it AND the person receiving it!

Most pitches go straight to the trash folder because they person sending it is focused on the wrong thing.

Let me explain!

Most pitches I receive sound something like:

"Kelly, I'd love to come on your show. I think your audience would really like what I have to say. I'm a good speaker and I have a lot of helpful stories to share. What do you think?"

What's wrong with this approach?

It's all about them, them, them!

If you want to send pitches that actually get accepted, you've got to make one major shift:

Remove yourself from the center of the narrative.

Instead, focus on exactly HOW you can help the audience.

What the audience will walk away having learned, mastered, changed, etc.

What you can do to help the show.

How you can help the host.

Instead of the energy of "here's what I want from you and why I deserve it," you'll want to approach this from the energy of "here's how I can help your audience. Here's how I can help you."

When you approach pitching in this way, your pitches are a DELIGHT to receive. They'll get responses that make your heart sing, and you'll form powerful connections that'll last a lifetime.

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