The real reason your revenue has plateaued (and what to do about it)

Have you ever had this happen?

You launch a new product, offer, or service.

Your first launch goes really well!

People are excited to learn about what you have to offer. It satisfies a need they've been trying to fulfill, or solves a problem they've been struggling to fix.

You feel on top of the world. Look at all these people who wanted what you have to offer!

Some time goes by, and you're ready to launch it again.

You do ALL the same things to drum up excitement with your audience.

You open the doors, and...


What's the deal? Your first launch went SO well!

Your income takes a dip and eventually plateaus as you launch over and over, disappointed with your results every time.

Here's the hard truth about growing your business: your offers, income, and impact will only grow as much as your visibility grows.

Here's what I mean.

All those people who jumped in the first time you offered your new thing?

They've been WAITING for you to offer this! It was just what they've been looking for!

But then when you went to launch it for the second time, pretty much everyone who saw the value in your offer had already purchased it the first time.

Now you're just talking to the people who were left over: the ones who decided they didn't want it then, and they don't want it now.

If you're not putting in the effort to be constantly reaching brand NEW people in between your launches, your income will plateau. 

Eventually, you exhaust your existing audience. They've decided they don't want the offer. The ONLY way to keep growing that offer is to make sure NEW people learn about you, your work, and your offers.

This is called "filling the top of your funnel."

If you think of a funnel that's wide at the top and really narrow at the bottom, this can be a helpful visual for your customers' and clients' journeys with you.

You cast a wide net at the top, reaching lots and lots of brand new people you might be able to help.

Through your content, you'll nurture those people until they're ready to buy from you.

The ones at the bottom of the funnel have received enough nurturing and trust you enough to make a purchase.

Most people are NOT refilling the top of their funnels constantly, so they're stuck trying to sell their amazing offers to people who've heard about them a thousand times already.

I wondered for YEARS why my second, third, and fourth launches always felt so hard even though my first launch had been a breeze.

It's because I wasn't doing the right marketing work to make sure I was filling the top of my funnel again after every launch!

If this feels resonant, I've got good news: it's not that hard to refill your top of funnel, even if you don't want to be spending a fortune on ads.

Any marketing strategy that gets you in front of OTHER people's audiences is a great start!

Think: guest blogging, guest teaching in memberships and masterminds, and guest podcasting.

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