The major content mistake most entrepreneurs are making right now

Just a few years ago, I was cranking out social media content like a madwoman, but seeing NO tangible growth in my business.

What I didn't understand: because I was only posting on Instagram, I was only creating ONE kind of content, which means I was totally missing the other TWO critical kinds of content!

We hear it all the time: content is queen.

And I totally agree!


I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs understand that not all content is created equal.

It's not enough to only be creating reels and carousels for Instagram anymore, and yet it feels completely overwhelming to be on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, email, a blog, host a podcast...

It's so hard to know where to focus your efforts if you want to create a complete content strategy that actually grows your biz!

Secret tip from someone who's made a LOT of content mistakes over the years: there are three kinds of content that every business MUST be creating if you want to keep magnetizing new potential clients and customers and converting those people into your paid offers.

But most entrepreneurs are only creating ONE of these, which is why they don't have a steady stream of new leads and why they're struggling with crummy conversion.

I'm breaking down my thoughts on the three kinds of content and sharing how to execute each one! Make sure you've got at least one tactic from each of the three buckets to make your content creation a powerhouse for your business:

Objective: brand new peeps find you
Strategy: borrow (or buy) audiences that are already built
Tactics: podcast guesting, paid ads, guest teaching/speaking, viral content

Objective: peeps who already know you get to know you better
Strategy: provide regular, consistent value that builds trust
Tactics: host a podcast, email, IG carousels

Objective: fans to become buyers
Strategy: share value and create a friendly environment to make an offer
Tactics: Masterclasses, sales calls, challenges, selling emails

Without discovery content, it's impossible for new people to find you.

Without nurture content, the people who find you will get bored and unsubscribe or unfollow.

Without conversion content, they'll just sit on your list forever and ever and never take action to change their lives!

I know it's harder than ever to create organic discovery content, which is why we're all-in on helping entrepreneurs launch Profitable Podcast Tours that do what you need them to do: get your business discovered by brand new audiences!

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