Podcast tour vs. social media: which one really grows your business?

Let's call a spade a spade: social media has changed.

I started business as a blog nearly 5 years ago, when the algorithms were pushing content as a discovery tool.

It used to be a breeze to be discovered on Instagram, especially when reels were introduced!

I used to throw together a lip syncing reel using a trending sound, hit post, and watch as my follower count grew and grew.

This is how I grew a community of 12k followers on Instagram. I was blessed with an algorithm that was showing my content to people left and right!

But then in 2021, something changed. My content started to get less and less engagement, and it felt like the only people who were seeing my content were people who already followed me. This remains true to this day!

At one point, it was normal for 50k people to view one of my reels. Now it's a miracle if even 2k people see it.

Social media has changed from a butt-kicking discovery tool to a just-okay nurture tool.

This means it's a solid way to keep in touch with people who already know about you, but organic content is no longer a reliable way to reach NEW audiences. Maybe you've noticed this too!

But it's no secret: every business needs a reliable way to nurture their existing community, AND a way to reliably reach brand new people who've never heard of them.

This is why we've gone all-in on helping entrepreneurs launch podcast tours.

Unlike social media, where most of your organic content is only being seen by people who already know about you...

When you're interviewed on a podcast, you're reaching brand NEW audiences every single time.

That podcast host is working their tail off (trust me!) to build a loyal community that shows up every week to listen to their new content.

Which means that when you land a guest spot on a podcast, you're being handed a direct line to their loyal audience that's already built for you.

This means you can bring your MOST potent and profitable content around with you every single time, because you're reaching brand new listeners with every interview you do.

When people say "I'm just so tired of coming up with new content ideas for social media," I tell them "OF COURSE YOU ARE!"

The key to a successful, profitable, and sustainable content strategy is not to come up with endless ideas. It's to circulate your BEST discovery content to new people, bring those people into your world, and then share your BEST nurture content with those people, and nurture them until they're ready to buy.

What most people are doing on social media right now is just nurture, nurture, nurture.

Their launches are suffering because they're not reaching NEW people in between launches.

Their services aren't booked out because everyone who follows them has already worked with them.

Their "top of funnel" activities are nearly non-existent, so no wonder their business isn't growing!

Launching a Profitable Podcast Tour is like taking an insanely profitable Masterclass around with you to brand new audiences every time.

This is how you build your brand, and build your business!

Do I think it's worth holding on to social media? Yes, I do.

But social media is NOT going to be your strongest lead generation tool, unless you're one of the rare few who's still looked upon favorably by the algorithms!

And that, my dear, leaves us with a choice. If social media isn't doing what it needs to do to grow your business, you've got three options:

1. Quit. Just quit your business and walk away from content creation altogether (my guess is this option isn't really an option for you!)

2. Try harder. Keep working to figure out the algorithms and finally figure out social media once and for all (my guess is that you've already been doing this for many months or years)

3. Find new solutions. Find NEW ways to reach your dream clients where they're already gathered, rather than slogging it out building audiences one by one and hoping your content goes viral. (My guess is that this is what you're ready for!)

The future of content creation will ask you to work smarter, not harder, which is where your Profitable Podcast Tour comes in. If you do 10 interviews in the next 3 months, and each of those interviews showcases your most potent and profitable content that brings people into a next step with you, they'll become lead generating assets that KEEP getting listened to for the next 5-10 years!

Now THAT is working smarter, not harder.

Ready to launch your tour? My free Masterclass breaks it down for you step by step. Seriously, this free training is GOLD.

We can't wait to help you launch your Profitable Podcast Tour so you can reach thousands of perfect-fit clients as a guest on top 10% podcasts. We have three ways to slay your tour: something for every budget!