How to algorithm proof your business

I got so tired of putting all this thought, time, and effort into creating the perfect reels for Instagram.

I'd spend hours researching popular sounds, hashtags, and trends to stay on top of my content creation game.

Pointing and dancing? Been there.

Lip syncing? Done it.

For a while, these strategies were actually working to reach new audiences on Instagram!

But then...

The algorithms changed.

My engagement plummeted. 

I tried and tried to fix it, but no matter what I did, my content wasn't growing my platforms anymore.

I realized I had a major problem.

I'd given all of my power away to the algorithm, and now that it had stopped being so nice to me, I was stuck!

Not only was I not reaching new audiences on social anymore, I ALSO had zero content assets, meaning: all that content I'd spend hundreds of hours creating? It was just sitting, rotting in my content graveyard!

Every piece of content you make will either expire, or it'll become an invincible asset.

Because I had only been focused on creating social media content, that meant that ALL of my content was expiring content. I had absolutely zero invincible assets that would keep living and growing algorithm-free.


If there's one legacy I leave behind for entrepreneurs, I want it to be this:

I want to teach them how to create more invincible content ASSETS and less dead-end content that's destined to expire within 48 hours.

In order for something to be an asset, it needs to be able to provide current AND future benefit to you.

You need to be able to leverage it over and over again, forever.

Here's how you can test whether or not a piece of content is an asset.

If someone reaches out to you and says "Hey! Your work seems super cool. I've got a big event coming up and I'm looking for speakers. I think you might be great for this. Mind sending over your best piece of content for me to review to make sure it's a fit?"

If all you have to send them is a seven second reel of you pointing and dancing at the air... that's going to be an "oh crap" moment for you!

But if you have 5 kicks podcast guest interviews, a podcast of your own, a robust YouTube channel, or a high value Masterclass you could send...

You're going to be IN, baby!

Not only can content assets be leveraged to help you unlock cool opportunities like this one, they'll also ideally do your marketing for you.

Let me explain. If you do a podcast guest interview, you and the host will both promote that episode once it's released, which is amazing for visibility.

But it doesn't stop there!

Let's say that podcast goes on to interview 50 more incredible guests over the next two years. Now THOSE guests are also promoting the podcast to their audiences. When those audiences hear about the podcast, listen to an episode, and fall in love, guess what happens next?

They go BACK to the beginning and listen from episode 1, which means... they'll discover YOUR episode, even years from now!

This is the power of a content asset that grows without your constant promotion and involvement, because you're leveraging not only the audience of the host, but the audiences of all the guests that come after you.

I'd love to invite you to audit your content and ask yourself: what of the content I'm creating right now could actually be considered an asset?

Creating more assets and less expiring content is THE best way to future proof your business!

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