Don't feel like an expert yet? GOOD! It might work to your advantage booking podcast interviews!

Something I hear from folks often is: "I just don't feel like I'm enough of an expert to book good podcast interviews yet."

To which I say: it might actually work to your advantage if you're NOT an expert yet.

Let me explain!

If you were applying for a teaching position at Harvard, then you'd definitely need to be a seasoned expert. There's no doubt about that. 

You'd need to be able to show several degrees in your field of study, you'd probably need to have a book or two published on your topic of expertise, and you'd need letters from other experts endorsing you as the authority on your topic.

But here's the thing: doing a Podcast Tour is not the same as getting a job at Harvard.

You'd be surprised at how often I hear "Kelly, I don't feel like I'm enough of an expert. I'll start doing more visibility stuff once I've had 20 more clients go through my process."

If that sounds familiar, I want you to STOP right there, bestie!

There's something really interesting you need to understand about podcast content.


Because podcasters are journalists first, they're committed not only to producing high quality content...

They're also committed to producing FRESH, cutting edge content.

They want their audiences to hear philosophies, perspectives, and methods that are new.

So having a brand new method or process you're just starting to take people through in your business might make you the MOST ideal podcast guest, because audiences haven't heard what you're sharing before anywhere else!

It's all about how you position your content.

If you've got a brand new framework you're still testing, don't position it as "the proven solution to X problem..."

But you absolutely can position it as "the newest way to tackle X problem that solves for the biggest challenges people bump up against with the Y or Z methods the gurus are teaching!"

Your new crazy ideas, even if they haven't been thoroughly proven yet, can make for exceptional content that podcasters are desperate to bring to their audiences.

So please, don't let "but I'm not an expert" stop you from getting visible!

We want to hear from the disruptors and rule breakers while their ideas are still new and fresh!

Knowing that podcasts are looking for what's new and fresh just as much as they're looking for what's tried and true, do you feel like you could give it a go?!

If so, I'd love for you to dive in and watch my free Masterclass, where I'll teach you how to book 5 top 10% podcast interviews in the next 30 days, even if you're brand new to your business and don't feel like an expert yet. Remember: visibility isn't a reward for being successful. It's a tool to CREATE success!

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