Accelerate Your Aligned Success 



Scale your mission-driven business to six and multiple six figures without sacrificing your sanity.

The Aligned Success Accelerator is a 90 day, high support container that combines 1:1 strategy consulting, transformational mindset and leadership coaching, and powerful community. It's the holistic approach to sustainable business growth that centers around your wellness and highest alignment. 


Here's what I know about you, trailblazer:

You've created a dream business that lets you shine, but the path to massive impact and abundance feels unclear

You're eager to simplify and optimize your structure, strategy, and marketing so you can stay in your zone of genius

You feel stuck when it comes to articulating the value of the incredible results you know you can provide for your clients, which results in sabotaged sales

You're hung up on the "should's," uncertain that your current business model honors your highest alignment

Attracting dreamy clients who are ready to do the work feels like a chore

You're overcome with imposter syndrome, self doubt, and fear when you think about stepping into your next level of leadership

You struggle with leaky boundaries, patterns of people pleasing, over giving, and undercharging, which leaves you exhausted and frustrated

Your next level of success hinges on your willingness to do the inner work that catalyzes incredible external results while following your unique strategy that's perfectly tailored to you.

 In this program, you will:

Get crystal clear about your highest vision for your work in the world and how to translate your biggest magic to your service based business

Receive support in the form of a 1:1 kickoff VIP strategy day, one mastermind call and one coaching call every week for 90 days, and 5 day/week Voxer access

Design and simplify your aligned offer suite filled with HELL YES offerings that light you up AND sell out

Receive weekly group coaching to support you through energetic resistance and strategic challenges as you grow

Work with your nervous system to rewire your mind for success while prioritizing your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing

Master critical tools for success like CEO Self Coaching and Intuitive Decision Making to empower yourself as your own best guide and healer in your business

Step into your power not just as an expert, but as a paradigm-shifting leader in your niche

Learn how to sell and market your business soulfully and strategically so you can spread the impact of your work without pushy or icky tactics

Cultivate the inner clarity and external systems needed to scale your business to six figures and multiple six figures annually without losing your sh*t and burning out


What's included:

One 5-6 hour 1:1 strategy session to design your strategic Aligned Action Plan that's perfectly tailored to your goals, desires, and magic

One weekly group mastermind call and one weekly group coaching call designed to offer individualized, heart to heart support

Lifetime access to an extensive self-paced training library designed to help you operate, market, sell, self coach, problem solve, and master your energy, emotions, and mindset as a CEO

Community, connection, and mutual support inside of our private Voxer group

A beautiful distance reiki healing session to identify areas of energetic tension and blockage with my personal reiki master


Let's do the damn thing...

The Aligned Success Accelerator consists of a 1:1 VIP Strategy Day (valued at $3,900) followed by 90 days of unlimited support (valued at $6,000). The investment for the Accelerator is $5,000 USD. Payment plans are available.

Hey! I’m Kelly.


I started my entrepreneurship journey while balancing a successful career as a startup strategist because I had a deep desire to help people heal and connect with their spirituality. As my business grew, I realized how many MORE people I could serve if I combined my spiritual savvy with my strategy smarts to help other overwhelmed entrepreneurs hell bent on making the world a better place to grow their big visions. I can't wait to share everything I've learned to help you explode your aligned success with less overwhelm, frustration, and confusion. It gets to be simpler than you can imagine!