Hell Yes Media is committed to helping big-hearted business owners execute marketing strategies that work for their businesses and for their values.

You won't find pushy tactics around here. We don't use them, and we don't teach them!

When you work with us, you'll be celebrated as a unique business owner and encouraged to create a Profitable Podcast Tour that's tailor made to you as an individual.

Because your marketing should make you say hell yes.

Hey it's me, Kelly! I'm a startup strategist turned podcast consultant and founder of Hell Yes Media. I love helping brands find their voice, break the mold, and throw the rule book out the window. I'm honored to be helping thousands of brands and CEOs make content that doesn't just convert, but actually contributes to the collective good. 

The Hell Yes Media team and I want to help the leaders that have been marginalized and shushed for too long to build legacies, change lives, and build generational wealth using the power of their message and their voice. If we want to change the world, the world needs to know we exist!

Though half of all podcast listeners identify as women, the vast majority of content creators (hosts and guests) are men. It’s urgent that we place mission-driven, progressive leaders in the cars, homes, and airpods of the people that need to hear your messages.

It’s our honor at Hell Yes Media to help you get discovered by the right audiences so your brand can create the greatest possible impact without fighting tooth and nail to be heard. With the right strategy and support, effective visibility is a breeze.

I'm so glad you're here!



  • Past life:¬†Former startup director of strategy and operations
  • School spirit:¬†Georgetown class of 2015.¬†Go Hoyas!
  • ¬†Hometown:¬†NYC resident, Jersey born and raised (Ask me about pizza and Sopranos)
  • Fur baby: Proud mom to an anxious rescue dog named Tully (He's a 50lb dog with a stroller... it's a lot)
  • Always talking about:¬†Swelce, The Yankees
  • My sense of humor: Veep, Derry Girls, The Office
  • Big 3: Leo Sun, Gemini Moon, Virgo Rising

I want to hear yours! DM me on Instagram @kelly.mosser with your fast facts!

Meet Our Dream Team

Candace Taylor


Candace creates the systems and processes that lets Hell Yes Guest serve the volume of clients and students we support.

Natalie Occhino


Natalie is our captain of logistics and customer service who makes sure every student feels seen and supported.

Eman Ismail


Eman supports our high-support students to optimize their copy for conversion so it screams you and your brand!

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